Pre-press and flexo plates to print award winning packaging

With dozens of local awards as well as “FTA Best of Show”, Houston, Texas, we can make your brands pop on the shelf.

Kodak PureFlexo® saves millions of Rands per press per year

Reduce press stops by 50% and typically save R2-3M per press per year. An additional R6M of revenue becomes available too. Kodak PureFlexo for solvent systems resists unwanted ink spread by reducing the amount of ink pushed off the plate surface. Plates thus require much less cleaning during a print run.

Kodak NX® flexo plates save wide web presses ~R2,4M in ink per year

Consider your ink bill per annum. On a typical wide web solvent press Kodak NX can save you 10-25% ink or R2,4M per press, per year. Our expertise in pairing anilox and Kodak NX plates enables presses to run on lower volume aniloxes, with less ink, while achieving the same ink density and opacity.

Kodak Flexcel NX® brings flexo presses on par with gravure

Brand owners and printers can leverage the savings and flexibility of running their jobs on flexo presses while maintaining that beautiful “gravure smooth look”. Kodak NX plates transfer ink more smoothly with less dot bridging and a larger colour gamut.

Esko HD Flexo® enables UV presses to print the finest tone

Acme Graphics uses HD Flexo as the “go to” technology for printing the smoothest tones and gradients on UV presses. As the market leader in UV printing in South Africa, we know exactly what you need to avoid gear marks and hard breaks on your presses.

Dry offset printing plates for the longest, uncontaminated run

Dry offset plates have to run fast and clean, with excellent fit and register. Our unique halftones and high definition lasers enable lifelike images to be printed on just about any type or shape of container.