Polymount® self-adhesive sleeves for quick and easy flexo plate mounting

Polymount sleeves eliminates the need for sticky back. Mount plates up to 40% faster. Improves sustainability, less waste. Quick ROI after 25 times of usage. 10 year guarantee.

Why are good sleeves mandatory for printing CMYK or ECG?

Cheap sleeves are not manufactured with a consistent outside diameter. This is the case across the sleeve face and between indivividual sleeves within the same set (repeat). This causes misregister and over and under impression of tone. Printing CMYK and ECG requires good register and kiss impression. Talk to us about good sleeves for printing tone work.

Printing without spots requires small type printed in register. Misregister, as shown here, is not acceptable and is often the result of badly manufactured sleeves.

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Printing without spot colours means large areas of colour must be printed with tone. Over or under impression will change the brand colours.

Polymount® flexo
plate cleaners. Clean & dry in 5 min.

The world’s first and fastest cleaning flexo plate washer. Over 1000 sold since 2004. Patent pending brush system washes the plate from every angle. Polywash cleaning liquids are eco-friendly. ROI in months.

Polymount® film cleaners to re-use or recycle printed film

Every day thousands of meters of start-up film and print mishaps is disposed of. The Polymount film cleaner offers flexo and gravure printers the ability to recover money, re-use and recycle and move to zero waste to landfill.

Partner with Acme & Pamarco® aniloxes for the perfect fit

The trusted global leader in aniloxes brings you a wide range of product solutions with game changing engravings and ceramic coatings. Think aniloxes that last longer, reduced doctor blade wear and save ink with a smoother transfer.

EFlo has an extended 75° cell geometry. With its elongated cell walls allowing for increased ink transfer capabilities, it achieves a higher solid coverage, reduces the chance of cell plugging, and is ideal to run within faster press speed environments.

The consistent cell geometry promotes more effcient ink-release, easier cleaning due to smoother cells, and an extended range of volume. The flatter cell bottoms and walls give better ink metering and improved resistance to doctor blade scoring.

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Save millions of rands
of ink over the life span of an anilox roller

Acme Graphics has the colour know-how and flexo plate expertise to create a perfect pairing of anilox, ink and plate. Doing this correctly can effectively save up to 20% of your ink bill. We can prove this empirically before you make a purchasing decision. Let’s do an audit today!

CareSonic Ultrasonic cleaners to deep clean aniloxes safely

Deep clean your aniloxes cost effectively in only 15-40 minutes with the safest system on the market. CareSonic systems are unique in that the operator cannot set the transponder frequency. The machine automatically sets the frequency to avoid hot spots and damage. Cleans gravure cylinders and parts too.

1200mm Face Length

Up to 3,5m Face Length

Jalema plate
storage system
for flexo, litho & dies

Wide web, narrow web and in-between. Save 45% space compared to traditional systems and protect your valuable plate and die inventories from damage and UV light. Get organised now!

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A simple hand movement clips files onto rails. One job, one file with all the working material kept together.