is ECG on steroids powering digital & flexo

MultiGamut® is the easiest way to print without spot colours on flexo and digital presses. It is “one system” for the modern print shop and ensures brand packaging and labels look consistent across digital and conventional presses. CMYK or ECG.

Print by score,
Pass by score,
Over 20,000
jobs printed!

Empty your ink room and stop mixing spot colours

Using MultiGamut® you can save on thousands of spot colours and use every last drop of ink. No ink to landfill and substantial ink savings mean that printing without spot colours is a major step towards sustainability and reduced cost. Imagine just 7 primary colours in your ink room with no need to mix or adjust inks.

The modern print shop is a mix of technologies

We make it easy to move jobs between digital and flexo presses, printing spots, CMYK or ECG.



AcmeRobot™ saves you time and cloud colour manages presses and proofers

AcmeRobot™ enables MIS, workflow automation, reporting and cloud colour management of proofers and presses (conventional and digital). It is a frontend interface for everyone including clients. It saves time and eliminates errors in artwork and printing. We can connect external systems including those of our customers. We integrate with programs such as Esko, CERM, EFI and many others.

Patented contract proofing to visualise acceptable colour tolerances

Light/Middle/Dark contract proofing provides a clear visual agreement of acceptable production variation for both digital and flexo presses. It is especially useful when printing without “actual” spot colours and using a fixed ink set.

Reduce click charges
on HP Indigo by running
more jobs with EPM

Acme Robot allows you to create reports and contract proofs that enable you to move the majority of your work to only 3 clicks (CMY). On this basis you save on click charges and your press runs 33% faster. Compare CMY vs CMYK vs CMYKOV before going to print, before costing the job. Big savings for digital presses and aims your press operator.